Denver Rescue Mission Offers Several Ways to Volunteer


Denver Rescue Mission pic
Denver Rescue Mission

A graduate of Penn State University, Kurt Wiedt has served as principal of Markham Woods in Denver, Colorado, since 2008. Outside of the office, Kurt Wiedt volunteers his time with the local Denver Rescue Mission.

A nonprofit organization with ties to the community for more than 120 years, Denver Rescue Mission strives to help change lives through education, community involvement, and spiritual development. It reaches out to those city residents experiencing homelessness and addiction with hopes of changing their lives. The organization is able to do this thanks to partnerships with its volunteers and donors.

For those interested in helping, there are several different types of volunteer opportunities with the nonprofit. They include:

* Serving a meal. Volunteers may search for serving opportunities in the Denver area or in northern Colorado. They can also signify how many members in their party wish to help.

* Interning. Volunteers garner hands-on experience working in nonprofit and ministry.

* Mentoring. They provide emotional and spiritual support to families, men, and women through one-on-one sessions.

* Serving youth. This volunteer opportunity takes place at the family transitional facility, The Crossing, and the home for single mothers, Champa House. Volunteers serve children from ages 0 to 18 through tutoring sessions and childcare.